Taking a Deeper Look at Coachella’s Extraordinary Art Installations

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Can you hear that? California’s favorite festival is knocking.

Actually it’s roaring. And you better be ready–Coachella is back and everything about this festival is larger than life. Of course we love Coachella for obvious reasons, like a lineup that is just too vast to fit into one weekend and diverse enough to make everyone in your crew smile. However, let’s not forget to appreciate the awe-inspiring, breathtaking art installations and set design that immerse festival goers into another reality for the weekend.


Last year held truly incredible stages like the Do LaB Big Fish stage. The Do LaB design collective has been responsible for some of Coachella’s most organic and unique stages. Last year’s installment was a sprawling, colorful enclosure designed to resemble the inside of a whale carcass. Sound strange? It isn’t.

This clever design is meant to be a performance stage as well as a cooling station. Inside the vibrant, multicolored walls of the tent, you can find relief from the desert sun and water guns soaking the crowd. Designers and their crews were swinging hammers on over 100 wooden curved beams to the last minute to construct this work of art for us festival lovers.


Another great thing about the Do LaB Coachella stage is the talent the design collective chooses to host. In the past big names like Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob have graced the Do LaB stage as well as smaller (but equally loved) names like Russ Liquid, Louis Futon and Pomo. Great up and comers like Big Wild, Stwo and Ghastly are set to perform on the stage Do LaB has dreamed up for us this year.

It isn’t a surprise that at Coachella, art installations take a backseat to musical talent but let’s take another look at the great architectural feat that was Pulp Pavilion. Ball-Nogues Studio, a Los Angeles based design firm, designed this massive installation.  What’s so special about this installation in particular? Aside from being astonishingly beautiful, it was also one hundred percent environmentally friendly.


Ball-Nogues crafted an immense, burnt-orange, columned structure out of recycled paper layered on top of itself to form a rope-like material. Years of experimentation went into creating this eco-friendly material. What better way to showcase it than at Coachella? Once the sun went down and the structure was no longer needed to provide shade, LED lights lit Pulp Pavilion to provide the crowd with a mystical, fairytale experience. This installation is not only visually pleasing but architecturally groundbreaking. Design truly meets functionality at Coachella.

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This year, Coachella fans are expecting a lot from the designers and production managers that have been working tirelessly to create a back-to-back weekend escape for ticket holders. There has been tons of speculation about what’s to come. In an interview on The Talk, Ice Cube spills that he wants to give fans some background on N.W.A along with some “great visuals.” “I’ve got some tricks up my sleeves … I’m gonna try to bring the members of N.W.A. together. Give everybody a little history lesson on Ice Cube and N.W.A., West Side Connection, everything I’ve been doing over the years,” Ice Cube explained.

Could this perhaps mean another hologram will take the stage at Coachella 2016? Maybe of Eazy-E?

Past years have set the bar so ridiculously high for this festival but between this year’s quality lineup, the one of a kind art installations and creative set design that the festival is known for, Coachella will be sure to take 2016 by storm.

photos via Coachella

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