Meet The Rising Star of Trap: Quix


Calling forth all trap fans, here’s a name you need to know. Quix is a producer from New Zealand who is on the rise to becoming a prominent name in the scene.

The song that really gave Quix a kick start in the scene was “Caviar,” which is a collaboration with Instant Party!. When this song was released last year, it instantly blew up and gave both producers a lot of attention. Many of you may have heard Quix’s remix of “Uppers” by Mr. Carmack. His career continues to move forward as he consecutively releases quality tracks.

What sets Quix apart from the rest of the trap scene is the simplicity of his production. On his Reddit feed, where he answered questions from fans, he said, “trap is meant to be simple and stripped back.” While it is typical for many trap artists to focus on complexity within each drop, Quix focuses on one sample or sound.

His new song “Influences” dropped last week and has already racked up a solid 69k plays. Baauer recently supported this track in his Coachella ’16 set.

RL Grime also showed Quix love by dropping his fuego ID, a collaboration with Boombox Cartel, in his Coachella ’16 set. Check it out here.

And let us reassure you, this name is not one to forget. Linked below are two playlists: one includes his originals and the other includes his remixes. We can guarantee that once you give Quix a listen, you will not be able to stop.



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