Daughter & Wilsen Make Their Mark On Philly

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What’s there to say about Daughter? Well for one, they f*cking rock, but Daughter wasn’t the only one who slayed at Union Transfer this Thursday. Their Opener Wilsen surprised us all with an extremely raw and moving performance.

IMG_4715 copy 8Just a girl and her guitar on stage in front of 2,000 Philadelphians…not the easiest feat. She gave a very real and chillingly haunting performance with minimal lighting, which directed all the attention to her music. She played her newest hit “Garden” and the crowd responded positively. Wilsen is definitely someone to look out for in the future.

IMG_47155 copy

When Daughter finally hit the stage, the scene was set with dark lighting and a light fog. This was appropriate for the beautifully melancholic music we were about to hear. They started their set with “How” off their newest album Not To Disappear.
This set gave a relaxed but emotional vibe for the rest of the evening. Later in the performance, the band mates explained that their first show ever in America was right here in Philly, and we can say we are extremely proud to be their first and take their America virginity. As Daughter continued to play favorites such as “Amsterdam,” “Doing The Right Thing,” and “Smother” the crowd swayed and let the band take them away as Union Transfer slowly filled to the brim with raw emotion. The lead singer, Elena Tonra, was an extremely strong personality on stage. She belted out every word, while playing every note perfectly on the bass.

Philly will always have a special place in Daughter’s heart, and they will definitely always been a momentous memory for us after Thursday night.

Check out the pics from the night below.


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