Vincent Achram Takes Us On A Journey Into The “Future” With The First Change It Up Mixtape of 2016 Up and Coming "Future" Music Producer, Vincent Achram, Drops Hour Mixtape On Change It Up

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Happy New Year Change It Up Fans! Hope everyone had a safe yet fun filled New Years Eve. Personally, it feels so weird starting this New Year. For one, my last winter break ever was cut short because I decided that as much as I love making these shows…they don’t pay the bills if you know what I mean. So I started a real job, but post grad life isn’t all that bad…I promise for any of you out there worrying. Besides, it means I have more time to concentrate on finding new music from all over the world to bring to you guys…and do I have something incredible to show you this week.

In searching through the depths of SoundCloud and after following so many (what seems like useless) accounts, every once and a while you stumble across something that just blows your mind. That’s what I’ve got for you this week. When I came across Vincent Achram’s SoundCloud page, it had less then 1000 followers on it. At this moment in time he is now well over 2,000 and climbing everyday. The first track I heard from the London based producer was called “Me & U” and it featured LiteHouse. It is an incredibly well produced track that is almost like a sensory over load. It is chill, It is Mellow, yet the sounds bounce all over the spectrum giving you that aural (ear) fixation we all desire in listening to music. Take a listen for yourself…

Vincent Achram is like if Flume and Odesza had a brain child…but seriously his production is coming along very nicely and he is just beginning to see results! His remixes have seen over tens of thousands of plays and like I mentioned his follower count has quickly been on the rise. I am very glad we got a hold of him for this mix when we did! But let the man himself do the talking and check out what he had to say in our exclusive interview …
1. First question, tell us about yourself a little bit? Where are you from? Where do you reside now? How did you get to where you are at this moment kinda thing…a mini bio if you will? 

VA – I am a 21 year old dj and producer and goes under the name Vincent Achram. I come from Norway, but im currently completing my BA in Global Business Management in London.

2. What were the first few influences that got you into electronic music and what are your favorite non-“EDM” genres?

VA – haha this is kinda embarrassing, but David Guetta is definitely the one that got me into the music industry. When I was around 16 I always listened to his stuff as, at that time, it was really original. I also distinctly remember the releases of Swedish House Mafia´s “one” and Avicii´s “bromance”. Those two tracks where also big influences in the early stages. As for other genres I really like chill rnb and also some John Mayer and James Morrison style. I also love rap and hiphop, and so it is hard to state an favourite non EDM genre as it really depends on my mood.

3. Were you into DJing first or did you get into production first? And how long did it kinda take you to get going with producing tracks?

VA – I started DJing first year of High School and got myself the Numark S6. From there I started djing on small houseparties and then a little later on clubs in my hometown. I really love to dj and make people dance is an awesome feeling. However, I realized that I would have to start making music in order for me to get more frequent gigs and to establish my brand as a producer. I got Logic 9 in 2013 and has actively been producing since.

4. Have you tried to produce any kind of different tracks then from whats on your soundcloud/ do you like trying to produce different styles or would you say you have a style you stick to?

VA – In the beginning I was, as previously mentioned, inspired by Guetta and Avicii etc and so I made progressive house in the beginning. Ive also tried to make deep house and slow house, but ive understood the importance of differentiating yourself and that is why im trying to make my own signature sound. But yh for sure ill release other genres too, but perhaps under different aliases.

5.When starting a new track or production how do you kinda get rolling where does the inspiration come from or do you just start messing around with melodies or drum patterns? Whats the creative process like for you?

VA – It really depends. Sometimes I just get myself to the studio and go with the flow. That is actually how “blue lover” came to light. Other times I use reference tracks I really like to inspire my track such as “its been too long” is inspired by Louis the Child´s remix of Oh Wonder´s body gold. As for the creative process it also depends on what kind of track im making, but usually I start of with the chords and drum patterns and from that I arrange the track accordingly. Then I just add elements I see fit.

6. Who and what are some of your favorite artists and tracks right now?

VA – that’s a difficult question as its some much good out there now. My favourite producer of all times is Flume no doubt, but im also huge fan of Mura Masa, Louis the Child, Galimatias, Lido and Wheathin. Those dudes make awesome music. “Tennyson – like what” is my fav song atm. It is such a masterpiece of a production and real groovy too. Its absolutely amazing. Other tracks I’m hooked at atm is Disclosure ft. Lorde – Magnets (SG Lewis Remix) and Point Point – Life in Grey (Khamsin remix)

7. Your soundcloud says youre located in England, I think we all know what kind of music scene is over there right now…what do you think of it and where do you think you fit into it?

VA – yes that’s right. I live in London and the music scene here is really evolving. It is very inspired by Disclosure, but I also feel that they accept the entrance of any genres and music as for example the new EP release of Flume is highly anticipated. My music as of today does not fit the UK scene to the max, but that’s kinda the point as my music is very unique and so it has not peaked yet. For the future however I am in no doubt that my evolved music will become a success in the UK.

8. Have you ever played out at a club or show?

VA – Yes ive played on numerous clubs in Norway and ive also played at Icon in Zurich and Upperwest @ Madison Sqaure in London (used to be resident there).

9. Are you working on any new projects you can tell us about or trying to collab with anyone?

VA – I am currently completing my latest production, which is a little more towards the style of Galimatias in the breaks with a very clean drop. Its almost completed, but it wont probably be released before Feb as I am seeking a vocalist to feature it first. After this release I am thinking of making a debut EP consisting of 4 tracks to define my music. This will hopefully be completed before summer. In between this I really want to start making some remixes so my Soundcloud account will be quite active in 2016.

10. What is something you’d like to accomplish/what are your goals for “Vincent Achram”?

VA – My dream is to become a professional and fulltime producer and dj and play at the biggest festivals around the world. However for the short term my goal is to release my new song and receive more than 100 000 k views and by the end of 2016 I aim to exceed 10 000 followers on Soundcloud.

SoundCloud – Vincent Achram
Facebook – Vincent Achram
Twitter – Vincent Achram


Louis The Child ft. K. Flay – Its Strange (Wheathin Remix)

Tora ft. Merryn Jeann – Overcome

Tennyson – Like What?

FKJ ft. Tom Bailey – Drops

FKJ ft. Jordan Rakei – Learn To Fly

GRIZ – For The Love (Naderi Remix)

Troiboi – ili (1)

Thrupence – Don’t You Mind

Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses

Jay Z & Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail (Adieu Remix)

Sam Gellaitry – Us

MØ – Kamikaze

DJ Snake – Middle

Hayden James – Something About You (ODESZA Remix)

Elenne – King of Thebes

Ember Island – Cant Feel My Face (Joe Mason Remix)

Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices (Galimatias Remix)

Disclosure ft. Lorde – Magnets (A-Trak Remix)

Vincent Achram – it´s been too long ft. Hype Turner

TYuS – City of The Rose (Wheathin Remix)

Point Point – Life in Grey (Khamsin Remix)

Zedd ft. Troye Sivan – Papercut (Grey Remix)

KINGDM – Cant Get Over You

Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Maybe (stwo Remix)

Mura Masa ft. Shura – Love For That

Lido & Santell – Ashley

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  • Real hype! This guy Vincent is a fucking dope producer and DJ who excels quickly with music and loves all genres of music as long as it’s good! ^^ Big ups to my main man Vincento!

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