Valentino Khan & Wiwek – Tropicana


Goddamn, Wiwek is off to an incredible start in 2016. After a fairly quiet second half of the year, in which he dominated the first half with his jungle terror reign, Wiwek appears to have tons of new music ready to unload for 2016. Teaming up with another rising star, Valentino Khan, the two have created a monster track on their hands. We’ve heard this track ID’d in tons of sets recently and now finally we are blessed with the actual release.


This track is Wiwek’s jungle terror meets Valentino Khan’s defined trap beats and is just freaking nuts. The second drop is simply bonkers. The two speed up the BPM and create pure madness with the crazy synths & drums to go along with the already wild jungle noises. It’s nothing like anything we have heard before and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. EDM has become so wrapped around specific genres and trying to replicate sounds. Well this tune, I can assure you, is extremely different and nothing like you have ever heard. Mad props to these two for continuing to create something different instead of trying to stick to the norm. I for one am absolutely digging this new tune and can easily see it becoming a staple in many DJs sets. Let us know what you think, do these two young stars have another hit on their hands? Turn those speakers up for sure for this one and stream “Tropicana” below.

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