G-Eazy Makes Philly His Own During Two Night Stand at Fillmore

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Wednesday night was one for the books at the Fillmore in Philadelphia. G-Eazy brought it all for his second sold out performance in a row of the When It’s Dark Out Tour here in Philly and my God, did he delivery in a huge way. Bringing along some friends, Nef the Pharoah, Marc E. Bassy & A$AP Ferg, the four combined to create an epic night for Hip-Hop. Relive this memorable performance below through my recap of each artists’ set along with some dope shots I was fortunate enough to take. Enjoy and come back to Philly soon G!


Nef The Pharaoh was the first to take the stage at 8 and he certainly got the crowd pumped up. The 20 year old kid from the Bay, brought loads of energy and the crowd was absolutely loving it. Bouncing around the stage and having a great time, you could see that Nef definitely knows how to work a crowd. At one point, Nef made his way onto the floor, and the crowd really started to get into his energetic set. Lastly, the kid ended his set with a bang, playing his hit track, “Big Tymin’“. Fans were sent into a frenzy when he dropped off this last one, getting every riled up for the rest of an incredible night. Make sure y’all stay woke on Nef though, this kid is the real deal.


Next up, was the incredibly talented Marc E. Bassy. At this point, the venue was packed in as fans were certainly here to witness a dope Bassy set and they were not disappointed. Marc, accompanied by a live band, performed fan favorites off his new album, East Hollywood, such as “XX”, “Some Things Never Change” & “Dirt On You”. Marc’s beautiful voice had fans in awe, including myself, as I couldn’t believe how incredible he sounded live. His composure on stage was confident yet not too cocky as he clearly knows he’s just dripping in talent but waiting for the right moment to let that explode onto the scene. Bassy truly has a musical gift that seems to be harder and harder to find these days when everyone thinks that they can become a famous musician. My personal favorite moment, however, of his set was when he brought out his guitar to play live, although claiming that this was the first time he has ever played the instrument live before. He could of fooled everyone in the crowd because the perform sounded rehearsed it was that good. Truly a stellar performance from the dude out of the Bay. Expect major things from this guy in 2016!


A$APPPPPPPPPP! This was my first time ever seeing A$AP Ferg and he was incredibly dope. Filled with electrifying energy, the set began with a dope tribute to A$AP Yams (RIP), which then proceeded into Ferg jumping around frantically rapping off some of his most famous tracks. Playing fan favorites such as “Shabba” & “Work” had the crowd singing along to every word while Ferg and his crew proceeded to get every hyped up. Ferg also played a whole bunch of brand new music, including some unreleased material from his upcoming album, Always Strive and Prosper. The best part of his set though had to be when he dropped his new banger with Future, “New Level”. The Fillmore absolutely erupted and that’s when you knew everyone was fully PIPED UP and ready to go for G.


I don’t even know where to start talking about G. All I can say is, WOW. After already seeing G-Eazy perform twice before, I thought for sure there was no way he could possibly live up to the high expectations I had set for him. But to my surprise, he was above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. As the clock struck 10 o’clock, the lights went dim and the crowd voiced their approval, knowing that the time had finally come for G. The first track to play, none other than the “Intro” off When It’s Dark Out. After hearing this, I immediately knew that we would be blessed by hearing G play out the entire album in order and he did just that. Gerald came out to his dark banger, “Random”, and the place just LIT up. I’ve been to the Fillmore quite a few times now but have never seen the venue this vibrant and alive like it was Wednesday night. G continued to play off the bangers on the first half of the album such as “One of Them”, “Drifting” & “Order More”.  To finish off the first half, G played what he calls his favorite track off the album “Calm Down” not once, not twice, but FIVE times in a row. It was truly epic seeing him spit this verse so majestically over and over, eventually even spitting without a beat.

While taking a short intermission, G’s DJ, Quiz, had the crowd buzzing by playing off all the old school G favorites such as “Lady Killers” & “I Mean It“. When G returned, he continued the old school swing by playing tons of tracks off his freshman album, These Things Happen, including my personal all-time favorite G-Eazy song, “Let’s Get Lost“. After the awesome blast from the past, G slowed things down to play out the sincere and much more meaningful second half of his album. Dropping deep cuts such as “Sad Boy” and “What If” had emotions running high for all in attendance. Gerald even managed to have his fun with fans, switching up the lyrics on “What If” to what if the super bowl ever came back to the Eagles rather than the Raiders. If that wasn’t enough, G then proceeded to bring back out Marc E. Bassy for an incredible duet on their song “Some Kind of Drug“. At this point, fans surely would have thought that this epic night was over but G certainly had other thoughts in mind. Finishing out this brilliant performance, G-Eazy riddled off his high tempo bass bangers  “Loaded” & “Forbes” along with the smoke that blared from the cannons into the sold out crowd. Fans were not ready to go home quite just yet and let G know, bellowing out “One more song, one more song”. Sure enough, G made his way back to center stage to close out this unforgettable night with everyone’s favorite G song at the moment, “Me, Myself & I“. Wednesday night at the Fillmore was truly a special one that we will be talking about for years to come.


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