The Self Proclaimed DAB King, Diplo, Remixes “Look At My Dab” Along with Bad Royale


LOOK AT MY DAB! The self proclaimed DAB King Diplo, deservingly so, just remixed the dance that is taking over our nation whether we like it or not. ATL’s, Migos, have taken America by storm with the sensation of dabbing. It’s literally everywhere and if your not dabbing at this point, shame on you.CWI677gWcAAaT62Teamming up with young stars, Bad Royale, the two have combined to make dabbing so much more LIT than you could ever imagine. Taking both of their unique sounds and blending them together on this monster remix, the dudes have created a banger. Chocked full of horns, 808s and plenty of crazy snares, this remix will have you shaking every bone in your body. Enough talking about the massive track already, its time to get LIT. Make sure you grab that free download too that the dudes so generously gave us. Turn those speakers up and well you know the rest, B*TCH…DAB!

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