The Musies Weekend Playlist Volume 008

Alternative, Concert Preview, EDM, Featured, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock

Hey everybody, my name is Zach and this week, I’ll be curating your Musies Weekend Playlist Volume 008! If you’re wondering…yes, that is my picture from James Bay’s show at the Fillmore Philly a few weeks ago. You can get the full recap and photo gallery of that tour opening performance here.

I’m quite excited to guide you through my taste of music and hopefully be the fuel for your weekend fire. Before you get started though, I’d like to run down how this whole weekend playlist thing works.

In this great installment of the weekly playlist, you’ll be listening to some artists we have recently covered or will soon be covering. Some of these incredible performers are City and Colour, Panama Wedding, Mac Miller, Choo Jacksonand a few others. The rest of the artists featured are some of my favorite performers and my favorite songs right now. I tried to pick artists and records that are varying from hip-hop and R&B, to EDM, alternative, and even some classic rock. I truly hope you enjoy the music I selected for your listening pleasure, and have a sick weekend!

-Zach (@ZS4539)

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