Jauz and Marshmello Come Together to Remix EDM Superstar


Jauz and Marshmello have always teased the idea that they would collab together over tweets with small hints at the project, and now it seems to finally have come to fruition. Yesterday, they released a remix of EDM legend Duke Dumont’s “Need You 100%”, and the remix has had mixed reactions from fans so far. Much of the negative talk towards the article stems from an article by YourEDM.com that has blown up in the last 24 hours since the song was released.


Jauz and Marshmello represent a new age of EDM kings, being apart of a small group of new up and coming producers who are slowly taking over the top of the charts and infiltrating their way onto the main stages at the biggest festivals in the world. People were bowing down at the sheer idea of a collaboration between the two, and the expectations were set extremely high for this song, before people even knew if the project was real or not. They also decided to remix such an incredible song on it’s own, that the bar is set sky high, as fans would need a remix that would do the original justice. With such vast expectations, it would take an absolute monster to please the EDM community. This track, unfortunately, was not what the fans were looking for.

However, there are some positive aspects that are missing from YourEDM’s review and the fans analysis of the song that should not go unnoticed. This song is definitely a feel good anthem meant for long road trips on the highway to your favorite festival. People who were expecting a massive festival banger to be played out by all the top acts were surely disappointed, but that doesn’t remove the fact that the track has aspects of both artists and can make any fan bounce on their first listen. Many complained that the track was largely dominated by Marshmello’s sound, but anyone who has ever heard a collab with Jauz and another artist would know that usually Jauz likes to take a back seat to dominating the sound of the song and throw in his touch where it is needed. The build up’s are all Jauz’s sound, and the repeating samples of the vocals over the course of the track are definitely Jauz as well. Marshmello’s part was largely the melody and jersey club style production that he is so well known for.


All in all we think this track is pretty damn good. It may not have lived up to the hype of the collaboration for a lot of fans, but we definitely can get down to it here at The Musies. There’s a mutual feeling that this won’t be the last time we see these two names pop up together. Whether it be another collaboration, or their names next to each other on a festival lineup. No matter what it is, any type of combination of these two is one we can get behind.

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