In an Industry Over-Saturated with Similar Sounds, Bad Royale Is Succeeding to Create Something Different [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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In year which has seen the rise of many new DJs, you have to ask yourself, how many will actually last? The EDM scene has become extremely competitive over the past year with everyone having the mentality that they can be a DJ. This over-saturation of artists has caused an increase in many producing similar sounding tracks; ultimately leaving many to question whether or not the EDM industry will be able to survive. Luckily, there has been the emergence of some DJs that will certainly be making their impact heard for years to come.


Bad Royale, the group comprised of 4 dudes from Cali, has proven to be a special talent whose future appears much brighter than others. I was lucky enough to interview the guys coming off their 4th EP and a massive remix with the potential Grammy’s Producer of the Year, Diplo. Their unique style and sound will surely have them dominating the industry for years to come. Check out our interview below to learn why these guys are the real deal and definitely here to stay.


1. First off, who are the dudes that make up Bad Royale?

Maor Levi, Elias Ghosn, Bruce Karlsson, Kevin Wild. Just a bunch of ugly losers.

2. Where does the name, Bad Royale, come from?

We weren’t always called Bad Royale. We were “The Kingdumb” at first, before we started taking this more seriously. Paul from Mad Decent didn’t like the name and refused to sign us unless we changed it, so we scrambled for a name over the course of a month. We wanted to keep the theme of the kings and our time travelling story, so we landed on “Bad Royale”

3. Tell us a little a bit about your EP, what is your guys’ favorite track off of it?

Assuming you mean the latest EP, “Before Common Era”, our favorite track is Home (feat. Richie Loop). Just wanted to go harder and do a little hardstyle type drop and had fun with it.


4. Where did the inspiration draw from for the Caribbean bass sound/theme?

We wanted to make some trap type music for fun, but we were bored of the current trap sound, so we infused it with the bit of reggae sounds we grew up listening to.

5. Where do you draw inspiration from in general, who are some of your favorite producers as well as musicians?

The obvious here is Major Lazer, then there’s Boaz van de Beatz, and pretty much anyone on Mad Decent right now. We are all bouncing energy off of each other and it’s great.

6. You guys switch it up on the second half of the album as its more than just bangers, describe what it was to make tracks like ‘Retreat’ proving that you guys are more talented than just the remixes that people have seen?

Retreat is a segue track into the future sounds we are doing. We are starting to leave the trap sound and move into more Caribbean Bass and dance music. While “Retreat” is a little dark, it’s more of a full song which we may start doing more of.

7. How do you guys even describe your sound or genre like if someone who had no clue what electronic music was asked you to explain what kind of music your group makes, what would you reply?

We would say it’s like Caribbean sounding with some dancehall or reggae breakdowns that rise into hard hitting drops for festivals. We try to keep it upbeat.

8. Since there are four of you, how often do you guys generally get to all perform or be in the studio at once?

We usually split up 2×2 for shows or tours, but sometimes all four of us will go if we just want to have some fun. As for production, we all work on our own thing, we don’t really produce together, besides bouncing ideas around.

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9. What has the feeling been like having your music constantly played by now basically superstars Diplo and Skrillex, two guys who are nominated for a Grammy?

It’s great! It’s really helped people pay attention to us. A lot of people hear the name “Bad Royale” but ignore it, but if you have someone like Diplo supporting it, people start to recognize you a little more.

10. Besides from you guys obviously, who do you think are the next artist/s up?

Honestly, we haven’t really been paying much attention to the American dance music scene. We’ve been so focused on finding vocalists through the Caribbean. There’s so much up and coming talent out there.

11. I saw you guys and Khan going back and forth on Twitter a lot as well as on Snapchat, when can we expect to hear that dope collab?

You’re going to have to ask him. He’s got it to finish it up right now, but it’s pretty much done. We’ve both been playing it in our sets, so if you’re really itching to hear it, come and see!


12. Who haven’t you guys worked with yet that you would absolutely love too?


13. Mad Decent is full of goons at this point, who in your guys in opinion, is the class clown of the Mad Decent crew?

That’s a hard question. Everyone is equally stupid.

14. Favorite place to play and craziest show you guys have played thus far?

I think Skylab was the most fun that we’ve had at a show so far. There was just a huge amount of energy there and it was our first really big show, so it’s something to remember.

15. Which festival, if you had the choice of any, would you love to play the most?

I think the four of us all have different choices here, but EDC is a safe one to go with. It’s just a staple in the EDM scene.

16. Where do you see the direction of EDM heading in the future?

Probably dying. It’s going to implode, there’s so many producers competing, and acts are charging too much money to keep going like it is. Clubs can’t keep up.

17. What is next for you guys in year, 2016?

More EPs! New sounds, more Caribbean, some more slower tempo stuff, too


18. Lastly, what was it like to remix Migos’ ‘Look at my Dab’ with the dab king himself?

It was great! Having him ask us to do a remix with him was amazing, it felt like we finally made it. This is really good for us, maybe people sitting on the sideline will finally jump in and check us out.

19. For my sake and Philly music fans, please come to Philly soon!!!

We’d love to, get someone there to book us! 


You heard em Philly promoters, hook it up. We need these guys here ASAP. Thanks so much to the crew for taking the time out and doing this interview. We are extremely appreciative and stay on the look for much more from these guys! Until then, peep their latest EP right below.

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