Heldeep Records Releases New Talent EP Handpicked by Oliver Heldens Himself


Oliver Heldens has been sweeping the nation over the last year with his rhythmic melodies and pumping bass lines, taking house music to a whole new level. With big releases under his belt on Spinnin’ Records and collaborations with huge artists such as Tiesto and Zeds Dead, there seems to be no stopping this man who is taking over main stages and record charts all over the world.


This summer, Heldens announced that he would be starting his own record label entitled Heldeep Records in order to support and promote smaller unknown artists who’s sound is exactly what Oliver is looking for. Not only would this move solidify his position alongside EDM giants such as Deadmau5, Diplo, Skrillex, and many more, but it would also give Heldens a platform to release music under his alias project that was announced with the record label, Hi-Lo.


The Heldeep Talent EP features four songs, all by relatively unknown artists: Niko The Kid, Jonas Aden & Robby East, Bojac, and Death Ray Shake. All of the songs perfectly fit within Heldens style of groovy future house and create for fantastic project overall. The second song of the EP, “Fall Under Skies” by Jonas Aden & Robby East, seems to take the spotlight with roughly over 500,000 more plays than all of the other songs on the EP. This does not come as a surprise, “Fall Under Skies” features vocals that catch the listeners ears and lead up to a perfect percussion build that drops into a funky melody with a touch of bass house elements that is done so well it could be mistake for Oliver himself.

All in all, this EP does a stellar job at not only releasing more music for Heldens fans to get down to, but also allows for some smaller, up and coming names to show people what they can do on a larger stage. We hope to see more from Heldeep Records like this and expect more to come as the EP is described as part one only. Take a listen to it below and let us know what you think!

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