Change It Up Is Back With The Queen of the Indie/Deep House Scene Nora En Pure After 3 Month Hiatus, Sherm is Back With First Female Guest Ahead of her Show At CODA in Philly

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Hello PHILLY! It is so good to be back, after a long 3 month break from Change It Up. After the first successful round of shows, where we saw over 22,000 plays, 10 guests, and tons of great tunes, I can finally say that Change It Up back and back stronger then ever. While I cannot reveal all the potential guests that I have lined up for the coming weeks, I can proudly announce the first guest in the “Winter Sessions” comeback. Not only is she my biggest guest to date, SHE is also my first female guest on the show which is really exciting. She is a native South African but currently resides in Switzerland, her name is Nora En Pure and she will be providing us with a special 50 min guest mix. With that being said my portion of the show is a little short but I felt she absolutely deserved every minute we could give her. Have no fear though, the Chill Pill of the Week is back and incredible. The Chill Pill of the Week comes from the group EDEN for a recent cover they did of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. It is absolutely spine tingly and you’ll be left singing the classic song for days. There are only two other songs that I provide this week (MORE TO COME NEXT WEEK). The first is Alessia Cara’s “Here”, it is a rework by the producer, YMNO. The second is the JAHKOY track, “Still in Love”, the Instrum remix. All three are great tracks and there was no way I could go three months without giving you a taste of what I have been listening to lately.

Back to our guest, Nora En Pure, she is at the core of Indie Dance and Deep House music. She created her own unique style, connecting epic melodies with punchy basslines. The vivid South African, has already proven to be quite productive, what resulted in deep and funky works of audible engineering for the label Enormous Tunes and Tokenish since 2009. The melodic but mesmerising club music has been fashioning a big and an undoubtedly dedicated fan base. A fan base which includes over 80k followers on SoundCloud and over 60k on Facebook.

My absolute favorite track from her and my reason for becoming a huge fan of hers is called, “Come With Me”. It released two years ago but spent over 7 week on the Beatport top 100 list. It is deep and melodic and is sure to create some FEELS in the depths of your heart. Check it out here below…

Besides her radio smash, “Come With Me”, Nora En Pure has been all over the Beatport charts for various tracks. Her Remix for Daniel Portman’s “KHAWERI” in 2010 got huge reactions from all global players, became the preferential mix of the single and launched her career as a producer. In 2011 her track YOU “MAKE ME FLOAT” hit Top50 of Beatport charts & made the cut onto legendary Buddha Bar Compilation. In fall 2012 she released “AURELIA”, which became a requested club hit and made it on various compilations. All tracks can be found at Beatport or on her SoundCloud below.

Nora En Pure will be headlining in Philly next week on December 11th at CODA Night Club, located on 17th and Walnut. For more info and tickets CLICK HERE. I highly suggest you go out and see her for an incredible night of good vibes, deep melodies and deep house. As always check out our exclusive interview…

Q1.  When did you first start getting into Electronic music? Who were some of your early favorite producers?

NEP – That was around 2007 when I first met some friend who had studios themselves and I got fascinated with the whole creative process and possibilities. I actually came from a rock music background so I didn’t really have favourite producers in the electronic music scene. These days I appreciate works of Ten Walls, Eelke Kleijn, Passenger 10 and many more.

Q2. When did you first start producing yourself and realized wow I can actually do this for real? What was that feeling like?

NEP – Around the time I had mentioned above but I had just started my studies and I wanted to finish my degree. Also back then I was trying out things, I had barely any followers, started more with tech house and didn’t have like a character sound yet. In 2012/13 I was about to finish my degree and booking requests became more serious. That was when I thought I could give it a try, at first I was still working a bit for Caritas, helping Asylum seekers in Switzerland besides my first touring.

It was incredible to see that I could live only from something creative. I had always wanted that, you know to do something that fulfils you completely and doesn’t feel like an average job where you are counting hours till you can go home. It’s surely intense but I like living this way.

Q3. Now, you’re from South Africa but based out of Switzerland, do you find your influences more from one or the other? What influences you to sit down and right new music and talk a little about the process of being in the studio creating new music?

NEP – Influences definitely come more from South Africa but I think also from around the world in general. I have always been travelling a lot and I loved exotic, wild and rustic places. I am not a city person but rather enjoy being somewhere lost in the untouched nature.

When it comes to my tracks I mostly imagine a certain scene or atmosphere somewhere and try to convey that in my tracks. Of course I might start a track around a vocal but as it evolves I try to build in those feels in the breakdown or throughout the whole track.

Q4. What’s the feeling like when you see your tracks topping charts on Beatport?

NEP – Luckily on Beatport I have experienced strong support since quite a while already. Also my labels, No Definition which is super young still, is releasing a lot of nu disco or even g-house and obviously Enormous Tunes; both labels are really strong on Beatport and that’s wonderful.
I really do feel lucky as I often also see tracks going popular which I wasn’t completely convinced of and in return those tracks, that I feel are almost like “master pieces” don’t sell so well 😀

Q5.  You’ve played in cities all over the world, do you have a favorite city to play in?

NEP – In general US grew very much on me. The energy here is always great, people really appreciate my music which is such a gift. Especially NYC, LA and San Francisco are always a highlight to play. Other than that, I love the Netherlands to play, it’s always a bit more challenging because you never know in advance if the vibe will be more underground or more commercial. And Australia is also one of my favourite places. It’s a stunning country and cities like Melbourne and Sydney are welcoming me so nicely every time.

Q6. When producing do you like to work with collaborators and is there anyone or any special projects you are working on now?

NEP – To do collaborations is quite tricky I would say. Because I believe every artist has very much her/ his own style and goal and a certain feel you wanna give with a track. If you are not exactly on the same wavelength it can be tricky to agree on a final version that both artists like equally. However through this challenging process you can also learn a lot and broaden your horizon a little more. At the moment I am working with Dutch fellows REDONDO on a collaboration which is a fun idea as we remixed each other in our very beginnings around 2010.

Q7. Have you ever been to Philly before? What do you think of the atmosphere at shows?

NEP – Yes I was in Philly this year already, playing also at Coda and I loved it! Its always super nice to see that fans are there that know your tracks and also people that have maybe never heard of you before enjoyed the night.

And the big question have you ever had a philly cheesesteak?!

How come I am hearing about this for the first time!? I love good food so if Philly is famous for this I will definitely have one this time!!! 😀

Nora En Pure – SoundCloud
Nora En Pure – Facebook
Nora En Pure – Twitter
Nora En Pure – Instagram

Special thanks to her management, Rozie Steel, for making it all happen!


Sherm’s Selects

  1. Alessia Cara – Here (YMNO Rework)
  2. JAHKOY – Still In Love (Instrum Remix)
  3. EDEN – Billie Jean **Chill Pill of the Week**

Nora En Pure Guest Mix

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