Bee’s Knees Atop of Hype Machine With Their New Remix of Panama Wedding’s “Infinite High” Bee's Knees Remix Sits at #1 on Remix Chart and #2 on Overall Chart


The group Bee’s Knees has been hard at work lately, and that hard work is finally paying off. They just released a new remix of the Panama Wedding track, “Infinite High”. This remix is filled with all the good vibes you look for and will be sure to have your head bobbing along.

Bee’s Knees had this to say about the track, “”When we first got asked to remix Panama Wedding it was really exciting because we always love remixing bands/artists with awesome toplines and a equally great voice to match. The first time we listened to the original it was like all the typical Bee’s Knees ear candy was already there such as the guitar riffs, distorted effects and a great vocal!”

Take a listen down below and Follow Bee’s Knees on SoundCloud.

Also stay tuned for some news regarding Bee’s Knees and Change It Up 😉

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