Stream and Review of Justin Bieber’s New Album ‘Purpose’

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I really don’t think I could’ve waited another 2 days. After much anticipation, hype, and almost a flawless release, Purpose, Justin Bieber’s 4th studio album, has finally released. And man, is it good great unbelievable. Then again, with features from Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Big Sean, and Nas, how couldn’t it be? That’s not even the most remarkable aspect of this album… Skrillex produced 5 songs on it, and it was co-produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, and believe it or not, the genius himself Kanye West. Let’s get into the tracks.

The album starts with the song “Mark My Words”, a shorter song that JB has confirmed is one of 3 songs on the album dedicated to Selena Gomez (the other two are “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean?”). Next is “I’ll Show You”, where he really gets into the struggle he faces as he tries to right his wrongs, and explains that when everyone’s watching him, it’s hard to be the perfect human everyone wants him to be. The next two songs are “Sorry” and “Love Yourself”, produced by Skrillex, and written by Ed Sheeran, respectively. Both of these are singles that have been released before the full album, and are both hits already. Following these 2 is “Company”, where all Biebs wants is a little company… but only for the night, because “Forget about the obligations, maybe we can stay in touch”.

The next two are arguably the most anticipated songs on the album, but stray from what myself and many others were expecting. “No Pressure” features Big Sean, and you can tell that this one is different from the start, as this record has more of an R&B feel than most other songs on the album do. Something you can really kick back to. JB and Sean Don are preaching about a girl who they’re willing to be patient for, who they’ll change for, who they think is their one and only. I gotta say, Sean absolutely RIPS his verse considering the slower beat than his usual, with bars like, “Go ahead and take the time, but it’s a waste of time if your waist ain’t on mine.” The second song is “No Sense” featuring Travis Scott, that I’m an enormous fan of. The two are telling their girl that it doesn’t make sense for them to be with anyone else, because they don’t compare to compare to her. Another R&B sounding slow jam.

I’ve already reviewed this one, but I’ll do it again: “The Feeling” features Halsey, and is easily one of the top 3 songs on the album in my opinion. He starts with a slow, darker sounding beat, but it amps up into a potential sing-a-long pretty quickly, as JB goes into the depths of his feelings of whether he’s in love with this girl, or just in love with the feeling he gets when he’s with her. Three words: bump, this, louder.

The next track, “Life is Worth Living”, is the most meaningful one by far. Justin’s message is clear; life really is worth living. It’s no secret that 2013-14 was a rough patch for him with a DUI among other issues, but he makes it clear that life is precious, and that every storm cloud eventually blows away. The song is only Justin’s voice and a piano, and is a truly amazing and heartfelt track.

“Where Are Ü Now” is the next song, one that we know all too well. One of the 5 songs produced by Skrillex (and Diplo, of course), an obvious choice for any setting. As we dip further into the second half of the album, “Children” is a track that really caught me off guard. With what sounds like a slow opening with another deep meaning, it quickly moves into a familiar EDM vibe song with a message behind it that JB realizes he should be a better role model for kids that look up to him. “Purpose” shares the name of the album, and is a very religious track. JB is talking to God here, someone who he has publicized is a huge influence in his life as of lately. The outro of the song is spoken by him, and keeps the same message of the song.

The next track up is “Been You”, an overall spectacular song with an even better instrumental behind it. “Get Used To It” is another quality track about the honeymoon phase of the relationship, and how much he truly cares about his girl. Nas features on “We Are”, and man is it a great track. The beat very clearly has Nas’s influence, and I’m sure Kanye took a lot of pride in producing this one. You already know that Nas tears this beat apart, plain and simple. His verse is by far the best on the album, and this song is clearly the best rap song on the project. Back to the theme of R&B slow jams, “Trust” hits it right on the nose. “All In It” has one of the best backbeats on this album, and has a pretty obvious message: if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. But, if you’re going to do it, give it everything you’ve got. The album rounds out with a “What Do You Mean” Remix featuring Ariana Grande, who comes onto the second verse and sticks around to harmonize with JB for the rest of the track, and man is it a guaranteed hit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go ahead and replace the original.

Now, I had to dig deep, but I found 4 bonus tracks; “Hit the Ground”, “The Most”, “Home to Mama”, and “Madly in Love (Bigger Than Life)”. The first song is available with the purchase of the deluxe version on iTunes, and is a very, VERY good true electronica track. “The Most” is a changed around version of “Where Are Ü Now”, without Jack Ü, and is available only through the purchase of the Japanese version, along with “Home to Mama”, a previously released track featuring Cody Simpson. The final song samples Chris Brown, Tyga, Birdman, and Lil’ Wayne‘s song “Bigger Than Life”.

Overall, the album is bound to be an enormous success. The album is now available on iTunes here. Support the hard work that JB put into this one, and purchase the record!

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