Justin Bieber Releases Second Single Produced by Skrillex



image via etonline.com
image via etonline.com

In under an hour of its official release, Justin Bieber‘s new single produced by EDM superstar, Skrillex, has racked up over 500,000 views on YouTube. The track titled “I’ll Show You” slightly deviates from the previous record the newly found friends dropped last week called “Sorry” in the sense that this song relates to Justin’s personal life.


In the past month, Bieber has been controlling airwaves and computer screens, but finally for quality music rather than the immature antics that garnered so much public spite in the past. It seems like Justin is finally evolving as an adult and with this song containing lyrics, “they forget I’m real”, we believe he’s been doing a lot of reflection on what his life has turned into through excessive fame. We expect this upcoming record to be a revelation for Justin Bieber fans and haters alike.


Enjoy this new single below and purchase it on iTunes here.

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