Concert Review: Anna Lunoe’s HyperHouse Brings Special Guests DJ Sliink and Rezz to Coda 11/12

Concert Review, EDM

Anna Lunoe’s Hyperhouse tour rolled through Coda this Thursday and brought with it nothing but great vibes and even better tunes.


The night started off with Rezz who brought it with her industrial and techno vibes. Sidenote she dropped “Basshead” I mean c’mon who drops that in a techno set? F***ing thugs, that’s who. Rezz is definitely a name to watch because this girl killed her performance. Seriously, just absolutely hypnotized everyone in the building with every track she played.. The star of the night Hyperhouse headliner Mrs. Anna Lunoe made sure to spend most of Rezz’s set vibing on stage and MC-ing for her.

HH-52 Next up was Philly favorite DJ Sliink. With his signature Jersey Club and Trap sounds and a set that ranged from favorites of Lido to a remix of Kyle’s “It’s Lit” (don’t worry it wasn’t the Caked Up one). Sliink had the entire club bouncing as he blasted through his up-tempo set dropping hit after hit. I mean this is Philly so obviously a fair portion of the crowd was twerking, but do we really need to mention that or is that assumed? Seriously, I’m curious about that one. Respond in the comments with your opinion.


Anna Lunoe’s performance was certainly a stomper blasting through deep house tracks (I mean real deep house) and mixing it perfectly with trap and other uptempo house. Anna clearly loves what she does and you can feel that in her stage presence and in her music as she kept the whole club grooving with a smile on her face.


Finally, the night was closed out with the much-anticipated Hyperhouse B2B which featured Anna Lunoe, DJ Sliink and Philly local, Uncle Ron. At this point Anna took the time to hop onto the dance floor and meet and hug her devoted fans. Realistically, I think every guy in there confessed their love to her.
All in all, you probably should have been there, but if you weren’t I took some pictures to help you see what you missed out on. Check them out below.



-Conor Gray (@DeadPhilly)

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