Concert Preview: Mac Miller’s Playing the Fillmore, but Have You Heard his Opener?

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Choo Jackson, originally from Vero Beach, Florida, is an up and coming multi-genre artist signed by rapper Mac Miller. Signed to label, REMember Music, Choo showcases a unique sound and presence by clashing styles of late 90’s alternative rock and punk elements with modern styles of rap and hip hop. Choo is known for making “the happiest sad music” which makes listeners travel through a flourish of mixed emotions that have to be experienced live to truly understand the aura that his music possesses.

Choo recently achieved a million hits on his sophomore project Broken Hearts Make Money. With production from some of the finest, Big Jerm, Christo, ID Labs, Jay Card…just to name a few, Jackson’s production is A list worthy for his debut mixtape. Jackson raps about the struggles of coming up in the rap game and the constant battles he is faced with. Love, friends, family and fame are just several things Jackson spits about throughout the 13 track tape. Jackson appears to be stuck in this sort of lonely state trying to figure out what his major move towards stardom is next up. The project is an excellent sophomore project and shows tremendous improvement in his raps compared to his debut project, Beer Flavored Pizza. Stream the project right below here.

My personal favorite from the tape has to undoubtedly be, “HD”, produced by none other than the legendary ID Labs. I am not just saying that because its the obvious choice featuring Mac, but the beat sound as if it was grabbed off an early Mac mixtape. Choo raps about life in the spotlight and the troubles that come with being in the constant eye of the public now. After spitting two sick verse, Mac grabs the mic and delivers his incredibly smooth flow that truly brings this record full circle.

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“Search” is another one of my favorites. The track which features the lyrics from the intro “Broken Hearts Make Money”, sounds like a track off Chance The Rapper & the Social Experiment as he ponders the question of searching for love. With incredible production from Bradley Atom, the two create a smooth track infused while the sounds of the heavy piano chords reminiscence in the background. Choo slows things down and shows his versatility to rap over the lighter beats compared to his normal fast paced spitting nature. He raps….

Damn I been waiting on someone to come love me
Damn I been feeling uncomfortable and ugly
Man I’m just sitting and thinking do God love me
Smoking, drinking, and thinking why isn’t my phone ringing 

Choo will be accompanying Mac Miller and Goldlink on a stretch of Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM tour and will be headlining his own tour shortly after. We are thrilled to welcome Jackson to Philly on Saturday, December 12th for what is sure to be an epic concert and night at the Fillmore. This is certainly a performance you are not going to want to miss. Purchase your tickets here if you have not done so already. Hope to see y’all there!

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