Overheard at Zedd’s True Colors Tour Penn State University



Zedd took his True Colors Tour to Penn State over the weekend, and the show was flat-out phenomenal. I was able to be there not only watching the sets, but got lucky enough to hear some of the things the State College natives had to say…and I must say, they are definitely something else. Here are six of the strangest things that I saw and heard at the Bryce Jordan Center this past weekend:


1. A BJC worker looks over at kids taking waters from an unguarded fridge – “Eh, I should do something, but I really don’t give a f***.”


2. Girls who are clearly “medically” trained attempting to carry their unresponsive friend past security and EMTs: “I think she just needs water.”


3. Die hard Zedd fans: “I don’t really care who opens as long as Zedd plays his ‘Roses’ song.”


4. “Oh my god! You guys look so alike! Like, fraternity twins!”


5. “I wonder if Zedd ever wanted to just be an accountant or something.”


6. “Dillon Francis sounds like the name of a high schooler who works at Best Buy.”


Stay classy, Penn State…

-Alex Browndorf

Photos via @Sloanekoreilly (instagram)

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