Concert Review: Zedd’s True Colors Tour takes Penn State 10/9



I had the chance to cover Zedd’s True Colors Tour last weekend at Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center.

I saw Diplo last year at the BJC, so I had some background knowledge as to what the BJC is like as an EDM venue. Though coming in, I was not so sure how Zedd would be in this type of arena.

The first of the three opening acts was Alex Metric, who I had not heard much of before the show. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with how diverse his music was. He hits you with a lot of bass…way more than I was expecting for an opener (and I am not a huge fan of excessive bass, but it gave his music a really good sound. He had a vibrant screen of eye-catching backdrops, and a light show that brought everything together. I see a bright future for this guy.

Next up was Morgan Page, the surprise act for Penn State’s show, and another artist who I had heard nothing about. He had more of an uplifting big-room house trend in his set, with way more melodic and vocal induced tracks than Alex Metric. Another artist that had a positive impact on everyone’s experiences that night.

Z1 (1)

While considered an opener, Dillon Francis is certainly talented enough to be a headlining performance. His opening songs came out so strong that the crowd became involved immediately with heavy hitting tracks like this one.

However, what made his set so great was how seamlessly he integrated his own records into the more popular songs he’s historically played. Another great aspect of his set was when he played Jumpman, Headlines, and New Slaves consecutively. During the two Drake songs, his visuals were pictures of Drake that would morph back and forth between Drake and his own face. Something only the King of antics himself would produce.

But Zedd though… This was my first time seeing Zedd, and anyone who’s experienced his shows in the past had told me was how great of a performer he was. So naturally, I was worried that my expectations would be way too high. Zedd satisfied every hope I had along with blowing away about three-fourths of my brain cells. With every song, every backdrop, and every incredible light display, my jaw was left on the floor. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the stage, and there was never a song played that I didn’t like. Leading the entire BJC in his remix of “Zombie Nation” to the chants of “We are Penn State” is a moment I’ll never forget. And for him to close out with his own remix of “Alive” by Empire of the Sun was the perfect ending to a 10/10 show. Whether you’ve already seen him or not, everyone reading this needs to attend a date on this True Colors Tour.

Photos: Sloane O’Reilly– instagram@sloanekoreilly

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