Telekinesis Transforms Their Sound for Fourth Album Release

Alternative, Indie

Telekinesis, an indie electro-pop band, has just come out with its first synth powered album.


Ad Infinitum, the bands new 4th full length album, takes away its guitars and replaces them with vintage synths for a new sound. Many of the new songs of the album like “Sleep In” , “It’s Not Yr Fault”, and ” Falling (In Dreams)” all have a much slower and darker sound than previous Telekinesis albums, which reflects the new persona they are representing.


The lead singer Michael Lerner produced the entire record, which is a first for him. Lerner took a combinations of older synths and new soundscapes to create a fresh image for Telekinesis. This new album is definitely something to look out for, so take a listen and support the band by buying their album here.

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