Tropical/Melodic House Producer Renko, Provides Change It Up With The First Full Hour Mixtape Grab Your Towels, A Corona and Lime, Some Speakers, and Hit Play Because Renko takes Us On A Summery Beach Trop

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Hello Change It Up fans! If you tuned into last week’s show and read through the article you would have noticed that I mentioned I was in for surgery, but made sure to get everything done in time before hand. However, recovery left me with little energy to prepare and mix something for you guys this week. But, have no fear for the day has been saved. This week I am very excited to bring you the first ever FULL HOUR Guest Mixtape!

His name is Loquito Yoshihara, but when he is making tropical or melodic house, he goes by the producer name, Renko. Renko, is from Fukuoka-shi, Japan but currently calls Los Angeles his home. He has been making electronic music for a few years and under different alias as well. One of his previous alias’s saw great success by making the beatport top 100 and being supported by the electro-pop king himself, David Guetta. He just released one of his first originals called “Paradise” featuring Joseph Vincent. He actually just debuted his single in his latest performance at the Boardwalk, LA as part of their Neon Ship Saturday’s. “Paradise” is featured in his mix tape or you can head over to Apple Music and check it out! He has also remixed Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more go to his soundcloud to hear them all!

Renko, has been supported by the popular music website, as a part of their weekly rising talent pool, and was featured on a guest mix for Carpe Noctum Radio. He has played in a few of Las Vegas’s biggest clubs and holds down his own residency in LA, as well. If you have been keeping up with the Change It Up series, you may recognize his name from a previous tracklist. I featured his “Saxy” remix of the classic 2009 hit, “Stereo Love”, which also makes another appearance in this week’s episode. I have no problem with this because it is an absolutely incredible remix and one I plan on playing for a long time to come. To find out more about the man behind Renko, we asked Loquito Yoshihara a few questions about himself. Here is what he had to say…

Q. Where are you from?

LY – I am originally from Japan and moved and lived in Barcelona, Spain and currently live in Los Angeles.

Q.What else has helped influence you? Did you play any instruments growing up? The sax really sticks out in your productions and its incredible.

LY – I’ve been playing piano and a bit of guitar (not professional level but good enough to produce music lol). I’ve also been into funk and jazz as well, so I think that’s kinda where the sax comes from.

Q. When did you start DJing/Producing?

LY – I’ve been DJing for about 5 years and producing for 3 and half year.

Q. When did you get into electronic music?

LY – I’ve been into Electronic music for a while, but I have an alias, named “LOQUITO” producing more commercial EDM and it was going very well especially last year because 3 of my tracks got into beatport Top 100 and support from David Guetta, Michael Woods, and other major djs. However, all of the sudden, I was kinda bored of making those mainstream tracks and was looking for something different and that’s how I got into this tropical/funk/melodic house style. I really like making these kinda music because I can put real instrument’s sound and analog stuff. (Not all digital stuff).

Q. Any favorite non-electronic genres?

LY – I am actually a huge 80’s and 90’s rock fan and also like funk, jazz and Spanish Jazz.

Q. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or whats in store for the future? Collabs?

LY – I have a couple of collab remixes coming up next month, and am now focusing more on originals! I’m also seeking my new style, so hopefully I can figure it out and show you all new Renko after the Summer!

Q. Any cool DJ experiences you can tell us about? Any countries that are your favorite to play in? Any that you would like to play in?

LY – I now have a residence spot in Los Angeles, but one of the best clubs I played in before was Marquee and Surrender in Las Vegas. I wasn’t a headliner, but it was really good experiences for sure. I would def like to play in Europe.

Q. Any other tracks or producers you have been really enjoying lately?

LY – I’ve been listening to KASBO, Djeki & Fotche and Kamil lately. They have very unique style and def inspires me.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

LY – I just wanna thank all the people who have been supporting my tracks and sending messages. They keep me motivated all the time and it’s been huge for me.

Make sure to Follow Renko on all his Social Media Accounts:

Soundcloud: @Renko_Official
Facebook: Renko_Official
Twitter: Renko_Official
Instagram: Renko_Toshi

This week’s Chill Pill of The Week, as chosen by me, from Renko’s mix tape, comes from one of the leaders of the Tropical House movement, Thomas Jack. His track, “Rivers” is one of his first originals and has been making splashes in all of his recent sets.

Renko Guest Mixtape

1. This Summer Is Gonna Hurt Like A Mother F——r (Renko Remix) – Maroon 5
2. Long Way Down (Sean Glass Remix) – Robert DelLong
3. Gust of Wind (Autograf Remix) – Pharrell Williams / Daft Punk
4. Return Of The Mack (Le Boeuf Remix) – Mark Morrison
5. Coming Home Ft Skylar Grey (Marc May Remix) – P Diddy
6. Paradise Ft. Joseph Vincent (Original Mix) – Renko
7. The Hum (Tropical House Remix) – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
8. Love Like Mine (Bee’s Knees Remix) – Miami Horror
9. Heart Smile – JAHKOY
10. Life (Djeki & Fotche Remix) – Opiuo
11. Apologize (Renko Remix) – OneRepublic
12. Feel The Vibe (Hella Extended Remix) – Bob Sinclar
13. Eye Of The Tiger Ft. Drew Tabor – Chris Meld
14. Waiting For Love (Autograf Remix) – Avicii
15. 1, 2 Step (Dunisco Remix) – Ciara ft Missy Elliott
16. Rivers – Thomas Jack **CHILL PILL OF THE WEEK**
17. Closer (Hella & Stisema Remix) – Carina Dahl
18. Stereo Love (Renko Remix) – Edward Maya & Vika
19. Thinking about You (Big Z Remix) – Calvin Harris

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